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Did you know that ART in all its expressions carries a transcendental power? And the art power is the ability to imagine and it is a superpower? The power to heal and to create your prefered reality. And you can have deliberate access to this superpower too!

Art, and an artistic approach to life, can have a transcending and healing effect on our mind and body.

Yet, art and artistic approach to life can’t have space in our lives if we are stressed, worrier or overworked. Making space and time for art can be easier than you think, all that is needed is making a decision that you do want to become a deliberate creator! You are the artist and your life is your ultimate artwork. You decide what colours, shapes and form your art should have.

In order to advance, we have to be able to imagine new. It is been said that whatever you can imagine exists or will come to existence.

Art is a portal to other realities. Yes, realities that have been lived, are being lived and will be lived by you, and by others. Inspiration can be taken from the past and the future to influence our present moment.

Art has always been associated with the advancement of the human race. Art and creative stimulation and expression are necessary elements for the development of abstract thinking: our imagination. Art elevates us to higher forms of existence: from basic survival to creative, sensual and extraordinary.

‘Art is one true global language. It knows no nation, it favours no race, and it acknowledges no class. It speaks our need to reveal, heal and transform. It transcends our ordinary lives and lets us imagine what is possible’ – Richard Kamler

A well-known gallery recently posted a question on Instagram: ‘Describe art in one word’. The answers from 150 people are as follows:

ART, Transcendence, Meaning, Life, Human, Intention, Bliss, Fulfilling, Honesty, Self-Discovery, Antidote, Everything, Expression, Therapeutic, Sense, Culture, Evolution, Freedom, Research, Intuition, Living, Expression, Dreams, Everything, Happiness, Necessary, Emotion, Visceral, Creativity, Magic, Insanity, Fluid, Personal, Love, Primal, Relatable, Eternal, Imagination, Everything, Passion, Drug, All, Undefinable, Essential, Freedom, Mindset, Escape, Fantasy, Creation.

Quite some answers. Art represents what you want it or need it to be for you. Art has healing and transcendental abilities. It works on you in unexplainable ways. I have encountered people who claimed not being into art, yet, they stood deeply touched in front of an artwork.

Art can be described as an extension of human emotions. Art in all forms stimulates our right (creative and intuitive) brain in the best possible manner, both by the observation of art and active participation in creating art. Art is often described as a portal to our unmanifested realities; it helps us to become aware of our potential, our dreams and reaches our deeper emotional level.

You don’t have to understand art on an intellectual level. Art critics try to analyse art and the artists’ intentions, which is of course interesting enough, yet, art often speaks to us in a different manner. Art is, in fact, not supposed to be understood with our cognitive abilities. Art is here to create a feeling, a sensation, an emotion, a resonance, to make us imagine and dream different realities.

Since art operates on the intuitive level, it helps us to connect with our own intuitive abilities, to reach creative solutions, to heal and ultimately to create our own preferred reality.

An artistic approach to life includes imaginative and creative activities such as observing art, creating art, writing, dancing, daydreaming, playing, open-mindedness, meditation, wandering in nature, being curious, discovering new things etc. Activities that creatively inspire us and make us think, feel and live more in sync with whom we really are.

Through an artistic approach to life we directly and effortlessly open up to, and get in touch with, our inner knowing: intuition.

Intuition provides us with invaluable information at any moment in time. We can’t really rely just on the outer world if we seek information to assist us in decision making. There is an enormous amount of information available out there, yet this information can drag us in thousands of different directions. Politicians, authorities, the Internet, friends and family have their personal interests to look after and even though they might think that they know what is best for you, they don’t. Only you do.

You have all the knowing within you. The knowing who you really are and where you are supposed to be going; what your gift is to the world and how to use it. Which people are good for you to be with and which ones not so much. What food is beneficial for you and which one is potentially harming. You do know what your unique body, mind and soul need at every moment in time.

You do have all the knowing. Even if you currently think that you don’t. Answers to all your questions are readily available to you when you connect to your deeper source of information. You might have been seeking answers to who you are and what is best for you, what is the next step for you etc. from other sources, outside of yourself. You don’t have to do that anymore. In fact, you are wasting time and energy if you do. You can access your knowing through your intuition.

Reflection time

Quieten your mind and recall a time when you were touched by or were just interested in an artwork: a painting, installation, sculpture or music piece. How did you feel?


  1. Make a plan for your next available free day, which you will dedicate to viewing art. Research in advance interesting galleries and museums and see what exhibitions are on and if you become interested in certain artists, art periods or style.
  2. On the art viewing day, make an intention to have an open mind. Make an intention to look for surprises, inspiration, beauty or just something different.
  3. When there is an artwork that somehow speaks to you, it draws your attention, stay with it and take in the impressions. What kind of emotion does it bring up in you? Is it the colours, the composition or the underlying message that touches you? Is there a specific thought or a memory that jumps into your mind unexpectedly?
  4. Is there another artwork that draws your attention? How does that make you feel?
  5. Immerse yourself into the artworks, without intellectual judgment or analysis.
  6. When you are finished with viewing what you wanted to see, go to a coffee shop, or a park, or a place where you can reflect on the art experience. If you like writing, write down the impressions you had, and the feelings and the insights you had.

This exercise is one of many that can be used to re-spark your creative genes. We have a whole bunch of them and will share some later on in this blog and social media! As always we are eager to learn and if you have your preferred tip on how you get your own creative juices flowing, please share!

Author: Emilie Janda

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