How to create and maintain the ultimate wellbeing?
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How to create and maintain the ultimate wellbeing?

We are (or can be) so well informed today about what to do to have a sense of the ultimate wellbeing. Yet all that information is sometimes overwhelming and brings more stress than relief. The intellectual understanding of what to do to feel truly well must be combined with inner knowing that wellbeing is really the key to a more satisfying living.

To Kick start and maintain the on-going sense of wellbeing, we must go deeper than treating ourselves occasionally with spa visits or massages (these of course help and are great). Going deeper means getting in touch with the core source of “all is well” sensation. The one we all have but might have lost contact with. Those of you who meditate know that at some point, usually towards the end of the meditation session, the blissful feeling of the ultimate wellbeing where no problems matter any more, no-one and nothing bothers you and you practically just ARE and you love it!

This deep sense of wellbeing can be and should be tapped into several times during the day to maintain the connection and generated on command, when needed urgently.

Our ART-MIND-BODY approach to wellbeing is simple yet extremely effective, It is developed on the basis of the newest scientific discoveries, proven ancient methodologies and the wisdom of the sages.

This holistic approach is based on the inner knowing, inner guidance system, in one word, on our inborn intuition. Intuition provides us with the necessary information that is naturally tailor-made to your own persona.

We all have intuition yet we are not always paying attention to its subtle voice. Therefore we often do need to re-educate ourselves on what intuition is and how you get in touch with it. Learning anew the difference of what is an intuitive message and which message comes from the mind.

Our intuitive abilities and creative right brain give us a sense of connection, an ability to trust ourselves at any moment in time, and an inner knowing of what cannot be explained by the conscious, analytical mind. Yet, by solely relying on our intuition and not consulting our intellectual abilities, not many of our plans will be carried out to bring us the life we dream of.

We do need both intellect and intuition. Well balanced. Complementing each other and knowing when to use which. It seems pretty obvious, but there is a great imbalance between the different functions of parts of our brain.

The left part of the brain controlling intellectual abilities, memory etc. is, in western society, already well developed. On the other hand, our right brain needs more support. A well stimulated right brain rewards us with the insights we need to be able to live a happy and fulfilling life. It shows us the way; the direction to go in. The left brain joins in with the orchestration of the appropriate actions. And, our clever body makes the perfect synthesis of the two.

A healthy, well-tuned body is a necessary prerequisite to enabling the mind and the creative intuitive abilities to be used to their full potential. They are mutually supported, intertwined and it is sometimes not easy to detect which one of them is at work. You get your intuitive hunches through your body and creative ideas through your mind. Intuition tells you what food or body treatment is best for you. Your mind uses determination to get you to exercise regularly. Both brain halves are meant to and function best when they are allowed to, operate as a whole.

Paying attention to your body is as crucial as  evolving your mind and your playful intuitive nature.

Combining art with mind-body focus has been, in my experience, the fastest way (and non-threatening way for people who are fairly new to the concept of intuition) to achieve the ‘coming home’ experience. Coming home to oneself, trusting and relying on one’s own abilities and resources; the satisfaction of no more chasing the ‘something else’ out there but instead being content with what IS right now. Knowing that all your needs are always met because you are guided to the right places, circumstances and actions by your inner knowing, your intuition.

Are you in search of a new, more enjoyable, satisfying and meaningful way of living? You might have tried to conform to what has been taught to you as the only and right way. You have come to the point where you feel you need to look in another direction.

You might be feeling content with your life, but you are looking for more meaningful relationships, jobs or you want more passion.

You might be successful in your work yet you do not find it  as fulfilling as before and you are asking yourself, ‘is this it, or is there something else I am supposed to be doing?’

You might have a well-functioning family life yet you feel that you are not stretching yourself to your fullest potential. Your children need you less and less and you can no longer ignore the voice within you asking ‘who am I apart from being a parent?’

You might be in a cycle of constant change in either relationship, your career or places to live and you are exhausted by the insecurity and the repeated beginning and ending of things. You are tired of being on a continuous search for something else.

You might even feel more or less empty, with no or little energy in your day to day life.

You want to come home. Home to yourself. Feel good in your own skin. Accepting yourself fully with whatever there is. No more searching outwards. No more confusion about what others want for you or from you.

How would it feel to be able to switch on your inner knowing any time you want? To get answers to any questions you might have without browsing the Internet for hours, having endless chats with your friends, purchasing 15 self-development books from Amazon and still not getting any closer to what you are looking for?

The Art-Mind-Body concept offers tools to help you:

  • Connect to your creative abilities.
  • Recognise, listen to and develop your intuition.
  • Remove emotional blockages that are hindering you from achieving what is in your best interest.
  • Make decisions towards success.
  • Know what to allow into your life and what not to.
  • Create truly satisfying relationships.
  • Handle pain, fear and challenging situations.
  • Listen to what your body truly needs.

Author: Emilie Janda

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