Your life is your own artwork
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Your life is your own artwork

Your life is your own artwork

We like art, we look at art, we experience or create art. Yet, we are not always aware of the deeper significance of art in our lives.

Art elevates us to higher forms of existence from basic survival to creative, experiential, sensual and potentially extraordinary lives.

In order to advance, we have to be able to imagine new. It has been said that whatever you can imagine already exists or will come to existence. Art has been associated with the advancement of the entire human race. Art is also described as a portal to other realities, realities that have been lived, are being lived and will be lived. Inspiration can be taken from the past and the future to influence our present moment.

A well-known gallery recently posted a question on Instagram: “Describe art in one word”. The following one word answers were surprisingly different:

Art, transcendence, Meaning, Life, Human, Intention, Bliss, Fulfilling, Honesty, Self discovery, Antidote, Everything, Expression, Therapeutic, Sense, Culture, Evolution, Freedom, Research, Intuition, Living, Expression, Dreams, Everything, Happinnes, Necessary, Emotion, Viscaral, Creativity, Magic, Insanity, Fluid, Personal, Love, Primal, Relatable, Eternal, Imagination, Everything, Passion, Drug, All, Undeniable, Essential, Freedom, Mindset, Escape, Fantasy, Creation.

In other words, art really represents what you want it to be. Certain art has healing and transcendental abilities. It works on you in unexplainable ways.

Art in all forms stimulates your creative and intuitive abilities in the best possible manner, both by the observation of art and active observation of art. It can be a portal to your unmanifested dreams and help you to become aware of your potential.

You don’t really need to understand art on an intellectual level. In fact, art is not supposed to be understood with cognitive abilities. Art is there for you to to create a feeling, a sensation, an emotion, a resonance and to make you imagine and dream.

Since art operates on the intuitive level, it helps you to connect to your own intuition, to reach creative solutions, to heal and ultimately to create and live your preferred reality.

An artistic approach to life includes imaginative and creative activities such as writing, dancing, daydreaming, playing, meditation, wandering in  nature, trying new things, getting curious, basically anything that inspire you to thinking, feeling and living more in sync with whom you really are.

The life you live is your greatest creation, the ultimate artwork. You are the artist! Take charge and decide how you want your ideal life will looks like!

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