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“When we take good care of our bodies, we find that many problems melt away. Stress, fear, shame, fatigue, low self-esteem, insecurity, and a list of other issues that hold us back, no longer apply. When we take care of our bodies, we send out a message that says: ‘i value myself enough to treat my body with love, care and respect it deserves.”

Imagine yourself feeling the warm morning sun on your skin. You can hear the sounds of the jungle, and you can hear the water from the nearby waterfall. Soon it will be you who is standing under the waterfall, feeling the water on your warm skin, feeling the soothing power of water pouring over your body. You feel relaxed and happy!

In many cultures, the concept of hydrotherapy is an integrated part of life. In Bali, it is the waterfalls that bring this soothing body therapy.

Reconnect with your power and wellbeing

Our retreat is not about being the best, the strongest or the most flexible. It is about the authentic you and what you would like to work within your life.

You will experience the awakening of your intuition about what your precious body needs. Throughout intuitive art, dancing and other body connection creating activities, you will re-start listening to the signals your body is sending you about its preferences. 
Enchanted by the surrounding nature, beauty and exotic vistas of the Bali jungle you will revive your body!

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