About us
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“Our retreats for professional women are the real deal – no filter, but pure, honest and deeply transformational. Even the photos are unfiltered. The retreat gives you a taste and insight into how powerful you are when connected with your true intuitive and authentic self.”


Emilie Janda and Lena Beck Rørvig, retreat leaders, coaches and founders of ART-MIND-BODY concept. – From “Riviera Buzz” article.


“We are looking very much forward to spending a transformational, relaxing and fun week with you!”


Both Emilie  and Lena have lived the concept, following their intuitions and dreams. They have worked and lived around the world and they both have challenged themselves in profound personal- and career shifts.


The conception of the BOHEMIAN FOR A WEEK™ retreats took place in 2018, on La Croisette in Cannes, where we met for a glass of bubbles while soaking in the sun and the laid back atmosphere, overlooking the sea… and getting an adventure itch. Surrounded by tourists and various languages, we asked each other about how we could transfer this life we live and the atmosphere to other women.


We started brainstorming that afternoon and thereafter we have consequently worked diligently on developing the concept ART-MIND-BODY™ that brings wellbeing, empowerment and satisfying life experience to women.


“We are both passionate about developing people, particularly women in their growth towards a more powerful,  satisfying and balanced life and work. We both have many years of experience as coaches within leadership and performance field as well as group and team training. We have also experienced the powerful effect of art, creativity and intuition on the wellbeing and empowerment.”


The ART-MIND-BODY concept creates the base of BOHEMIAN FOR A WEEK retreats for professional women where we re-charge, indulge in art and creativity, re-connect with our intuition, practice meditation and yoga and soothe our soul by private luxury and beauty of the surrounding nature.


We have carefully selected a team of likeminded and skilled artists, coaches, yoga/chi-gong teachers, wellbeing specialists, healers, musicians. It is of high importance for us to create an atmosphere of ease, wellbeing and luxury at our retreats so that you can recharge and have the first-hand experience on how you will re-create your life.






We focus on ART-MIND-BODY as a holistic portal to your intuition guiding you to what is best for you at any moment in time.







  • We believe that people are resourceful and not to be fixed.


  • We offer tools, knowledge and inspiration.


  • We do not impose what is right or wrong and do not tell anybody what they should or should not do.


  • We are non-judgmental and respect different opinions and way of living.


  • We believe that intuition is the most powerful personal guide people can use to make conscious choices in their life.


  • We use the coaching approach to help people find their personal preferred reality.


  • We develop our material on the basis of the newest scientific discoveries, proven ancient methodologies and the wisdom of the sages.


  • We use unfiltered photos and videos to be as authentic and as close to reality as possible.


  • We strive to live IN THE NOW and see life as an ongoing fascinating journey.






 ART-MIND-BODY’s belief is that you are not to be fixed, you are already whole as you are, you will only be adjusting what hasn’t worked for you so that you get more out of this beautiful existence. You are meant to be happy, joyous, abundant.






Emilie Janda


Emilie, intuition expert, coach, international speaker and art dealer,  left her corporate career in the field of leadership development, management training & coaching and focused on research on “intuitive decision making”. 

Emilie’s life theme is to challenge herself and others to live a life that brings joy and meaning to oneself and to the world. She has lived and worked in four different countries together with her two children and has researched the cross-cultural differences and their influence on our wellbeing and life satisfaction.

Today,  Emilie lives on the French Riviera and along with organising and facilitating BOHEMIAN FOR A WEEK retreats, empowering women towards greater wellbeing, she manages  Art-Mind-Body and Galerie OSCAR.


Favourite type of relaxation: Meditation, studying metaphysics and exploring the mysteries of the world.


Favourite recharging activity: Hiking in the hills with her dog and yoga.


Favourite creative activity: Painting on unusual materials and interior design.

Lena Beck Rørvig


Lena specialises in performance coaching and management development through her firm Beck Global Consulting. She is the founder of the concepts ‘Show Your Worth!’, ‘Global Performance’. Lena has a MSc in Economics from the Copenhagen Business School, an executive education from INSEAD in France and Singapore, and her coaching education, as well as team coaching education  from the Henley Business School in England.


Lena has lived in Copenhagen, London, and New York and now lives in Cannes. She is the chairman of Vibeke Rørvig’s Ballet Foundation and American Friends for the Danish National Gallery. In addition, she is the Advisor for WorldPulse and organises and facilitates BOHEMIAN FOR A WEEK retreats.


Favourite type of relaxation: Spending time with friends and watching movies.


Favourite recharging activity: Yoga and wild dancing.


Favourite creative activity: Writing and creating concepts for personal and professional development.